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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Local authorities save £675,000 with real-time data-sharing
Saving money the high tech way. Use an ERP system across authorities to share the processing and you will be spending less of the council tax. Read it, here.

ZDNet Asia: IBM’s social push indirectly benefits Lotus Notes
Interesting but brief Ed Brill blog about a news story which features, you guessed it, IBM/ Lotus. That said, it makes a good point. See what you think, here.

Got My Productivity-Enhancing Mobile Device. Now Where Am I Supposed to Use it?
An interesting article which speaks a different message to the one in the mind of the author. Complaining about the prattling of those using mobile devices whilst composing on such a gizmo shows that irony is not very well. See for yourself, here.

And finally…
Oooooooh, would you like me to lap dance for you?

Oh dearie dearie dearie me. Lapdancing robots was definitely on the list of things I didn’t ever want to see. Make your mind up, here.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Windows 8: Make or break for Microsoft?

The new Microsoft operating system is at a point that this could make a decent charge for supremacy. Taking over the non-PC market is a place that MS has struggled. Read it, here.

Another Cloud outage: Insight and Reactions

A gartner blog notes that outages, whether fact or otherwise, are a pain. The change in the industry is definitely going to take some getting used to. Read the article, here.

IBM takes giant step to faster, quantum computers

IBM are using the little particles to help computing. It is a means by which a great deal of processing can be achieved quite ‘cheaply’. Read the article, here.

IT chiefs eye Google privacy dispute with interest

The bosses have been asked to look at the privacy policies it enacts. The sharing of information is to be decided. Read it, here.

And finally…

Less people listen to God’s messenger than Demba Ba

Football kicking man has more online popularity than God’s-own pontiff. We’ll find out soon whether the world has more Catholics than newcastle fans. Make your assessment, here.

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