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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Heads of finance hate big-bang IT projects
At first blush this might look like the blindingly obvious but this is really interesting article. It all comes down to what you want your senior executives to do. Read it, here.

Advert on Oxford Street shown only to women
Bloke-averse advert is put on UK bus stop. This is to make a point and it is not, repeat not, a ruse by which maximum publicity made be achieved; it’s a good cause nonetheless… Read all about, whether male or otherwise.

ibm.com: IDC White Paper – The Future of Mail is Social
Regular readers will think I am something of a cracked record but this is another IBM salvo in the social media skirmish. The important part of this Ed Brill blog entry is the acknowledgement that social media sits as an addition to email and not necessarily a replacement. See what you think, here.

IT leaders cruising for a denial-of-service bruising, says security expert
Never happen to you? Well, DDoS attacks can and do happen and it appears IT leaders are woefully unprepared. It is fair to point out that it depends on the industry you’re in but it is worth thinking about defending against such an attack. Make you own mind up, here.

And finally…
US fast-food outlet turns to social media to catch thieves
Gawking, thieving idiots are being sought after raid on fast food outlet. Make a thousand dollars off the back of robbers who, apparently, stopped to pose for the photo. Roll your eyes, here.

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