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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Opinion: Why contractors can look ahead with some confidence
An opinion article that there might be a hint of light at the end of the bleak, economic tunnel (if you are a contractor). Plausibly, the piece argues that companies have reduced the skill sets inhouse but still want to implement some cutting-edge solutions. Decide for yourself, here.

US fraud investigators to examine CSC’s £2.9bn NHS contract
Just when you thought it was safe to read the words ‘government’ and ‘IT project’ in the same sentence, this story rears its head. I will make no further comment as it is under investigation as I type. See the story, here.

The Dark Side of BYOD – Privacy, Personal Data Loss and Device Seizure
Excellent summary of the pitfalls of employees using their own devices for work purposes. The upshot might be (although it isn’t in this article) that it’s much less hassle to continue using 2 devices. Read more, here.

Regional cybercrime hubs launched across England
The battle against online pilfering and other unsavoury activities has been given a boost in the UK. Given the scale of the problem, it could be argued that the sums committed are paltry, but it is a great deal better than no response. Read the story, here.

And finally…
The abbreviation NSFW was created for a reason
Another of those ‘why did they think they’d get away with it?’ moments. Casting their eyes over some skin- laden action footage whilst attempting to govern is really not a bright idea; wait a couple of hours and no-one will get to see what form of unhygenic pursuits they were ogling. Tut and read the story, here.

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