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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Business gets Social 2012
IBM goes on the road to evangelise about social business and their offerings therein. The roadshow pulls up in London in May. Find out more, here.

Opinion: The importance of analytics in business intelligence
I’ve blogged about it in the past and I suspect I will in the future but businesses can really benefit from knowing exactly what information they have. Read a balanced view of the beneifts and challenges of implementing a business analytics solution from a Gartner employee. Read it, here.

Gov.uk service portal opens for public testing
The beta for a new online government service has gone live. Those behind it sound a celebratory blast on the trumpets whilst others gristle that it is a smoke and mirrors exercise in rebranding (or similar to that). Decide for yourself, here.

Mobile devices set to become company policy
You are now allowed to bring your mobile device in some enterprises. There is a security risk if someone lifts your ‘phone. Read it, here.

And finally…
Survival of the fittest, or should that be nerdiest?
You are out in the woods, it’s chucking it down and you don’t know what to do: where do you turn? You look at the documents you saved on the handy USB Swiss Army Knife. What could you lose by clicking, here?

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