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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Public sector IT staff see largest cut in 25 years
Useful article which brings together in one place some of the top stories of public sector IT in 2011. A reduced staff is using innovative methods to deliver value, such as the use of personal equipment and beginning the (seemingly) inevitable floatation off into the Cloud. Read the story, here.

Lotusphere 2012: Lotus Notes/Domino Social Edition
Ed Brill reports back from Lotusphere with some updates on the development of Notes. The vision is to have as seamless an experience using Notes on a browser as a client; oh, and there’s stuff to read about mobile devices. See the blog, here.

Analysis: Is there a need for social analytics in the enterprise?
In a hopeless attempt to claim that these news digests aren’t just thrown together, I offer a story that comes from Lotusphere, as mentioned above. There is an audible echo from inside this blog when I write the words ‘social media is on the up in enterprises’. Read the analyst opinion, here.

McAfee tackles ‘spam hijack’ flaw in anti-malware code
A botnet attack had caused affected users’ computers to be extremely active – spamming caused one user to have as much mail sent in one day as in a normal 10 month period. Oh, and don’t forget to ensure that you have updated your antivirus. Read about it, here.

And finally…
Status update: Six feet under
The rhetorical question ‘is nothing sacred?’ is comprehensively answered by a new online service. Still, if you have a partner with a well lubricated jaw, it might allow you to get the last word in for one final time. See what you think, here.

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