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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Is Social Media a Corporate or a Personal Tool?
Interesting Gartner blog which muses about how enterprises can use social media. It draws a compelling distinction between the social company versus the social individual and how best to enable the benefits to be seen. See what you think, here.

Almost a third of BI projects fail to deliver on business objectives
Article that makes the rather obvious point that if you are going to fork out for a business intelligence solution, you might want to think about getting your money’s worth. Leveraging analytics isn’t easy but you can derive significant value by doing it properly and none if you don’t. Read it, here.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes coding course
Really interesting story about a famous politician joining thousands of others in learning the basics of coding. You can learn how to write Javascript for free: what’s not to like? Find out about it, here.

Apple chief Tim Cook in $378m pay package
It’s amazing: top cat in loadsamoney shocker. In these straitened times, it’s nice to know that Steve Jobs only earned a dollar a year; this pales in comparison to this proligacy. Read the actual facts, here.

And finally…
After its meteoric rise the iPad has come back down to earth with a bang.
Gadget chucked from 100,000 feet and wasn’t knackered after landing. From this we discover that some people will sell anything by doing anything. Read the story, here.

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