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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IT set for centre stage at World Economic Forum
Report that the World Economic Forum will be talking about the use of IT in their summit in Davos. Computing Magazine are betting that social media and the effects of the democratisation of connectivity in terms of policy will be centre stage. Read the story, here.

Lotusphere 2012: Mobility
Ed Brill blog update on the upcoming release of Lotus Notes Traveler. He reverses his previous statement that Windows Phone was not to be supported. Find out about what’s going on with our business partner’s mobile business, here.

Microsoft names ex-antivirus employee as botnet ‘suspect’
Microsoft releases to the world the name of the person they suspect of being behind a botnet attack. This online mischief dates back to last year and they claim that the threat was (quote) ‘neutralised’ in September. Click here to read, especially if you think you might be a victim.

What is your IT mindset?
How do you perceive IT? is a question that all enterprises need to ask and get some (possibly uncomfortable) answers. Thought-provoking Gartner blog which asks readers to think about these difficult questions and feedback to the author. Get involved if you want, here.

And finally…
The missing piece in your wardrobe?
The words ‘nerd’ and ‘well dressed’ are not necessarily perceived to be likely to be found in the same sentence. This prejudice is blown out the water as you can now carry documents on the end of your shirt arms. Learn about this massive (yes, I do mean MASSIVE) leap forward.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Public sector IT staff see largest cut in 25 years
Useful article which brings together in one place some of the top stories of public sector IT in 2011. A reduced staff is using innovative methods to deliver value, such as the use of personal equipment and beginning the (seemingly) inevitable floatation off into the Cloud. Read the story, here.

Lotusphere 2012: Lotus Notes/Domino Social Edition
Ed Brill reports back from Lotusphere with some updates on the development of Notes. The vision is to have as seamless an experience using Notes on a browser as a client; oh, and there’s stuff to read about mobile devices. See the blog, here.

Analysis: Is there a need for social analytics in the enterprise?
In a hopeless attempt to claim that these news digests aren’t just thrown together, I offer a story that comes from Lotusphere, as mentioned above. There is an audible echo from inside this blog when I write the words ‘social media is on the up in enterprises’. Read the analyst opinion, here.

McAfee tackles ‘spam hijack’ flaw in anti-malware code
A botnet attack had caused affected users’ computers to be extremely active – spamming caused one user to have as much mail sent in one day as in a normal 10 month period. Oh, and don’t forget to ensure that you have updated your antivirus. Read about it, here.

And finally…
Status update: Six feet under
The rhetorical question ‘is nothing sacred?’ is comprehensively answered by a new online service. Still, if you have a partner with a well lubricated jaw, it might allow you to get the last word in for one final time. See what you think, here.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Is Social Media a Corporate or a Personal Tool?
Interesting Gartner blog which muses about how enterprises can use social media. It draws a compelling distinction between the social company versus the social individual and how best to enable the benefits to be seen. See what you think, here.

Almost a third of BI projects fail to deliver on business objectives
Article that makes the rather obvious point that if you are going to fork out for a business intelligence solution, you might want to think about getting your money’s worth. Leveraging analytics isn’t easy but you can derive significant value by doing it properly and none if you don’t. Read it, here.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes coding course
Really interesting story about a famous politician joining thousands of others in learning the basics of coding. You can learn how to write Javascript for free: what’s not to like? Find out about it, here.

Apple chief Tim Cook in $378m pay package
It’s amazing: top cat in loadsamoney shocker. In these straitened times, it’s nice to know that Steve Jobs only earned a dollar a year; this pales in comparison to this proligacy. Read the actual facts, here.

And finally…
After its meteoric rise the iPad has come back down to earth with a bang.
Gadget chucked from 100,000 feet and wasn’t knackered after landing. From this we discover that some people will sell anything by doing anything. Read the story, here.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Five ways to improve your IT project management
There shouldn’t be too much new here if you are doing your PM properly but this is an excellent brief guide to some best practice. Make sure you have proper backing from ‘the management’ and project resources, under no circumstances make promises you can’t keep and keep a keen eye on the bigger picture within the business. Read the detail, here.

Your Family’s Privacy and the Xbox 360 Kinect
If you or one of yours have an XBox Kinect, Trend Micro offer a rather good summary of things to be concerned about (albeit a year old). In short: read the privacy rules; understand the privacy rules; and, ensure that you adhere to these rules. Read the full Trend article, here.

Seven Questions With IBM’s Manoj Saxena About Watson and Cancer
Not content with winning a game show, IBM’s Watson computer has set its sights on helping in the battle against cancer. This is a good article as it ably illustrates Domain’s business partner, IBM’s, attitude toward innovation: perform research in one area and it may have implications elsewhere. Read the full article, here.

Microsoft sues retailer Comet
Strange story of a high street store allegedly breaching copyright of the mighty Microsoft. It seems that both sides have taken legal advice so the courts will probably have to pick the bones out of this one. Make your mind up, here.

And finally…
Apple iPhone malfunction leaves Tesco red-faced
Potty-mouthed telephone expresses distain for a 12 year-old. In fairness, most kids of that age will hear worse in the playground but you don’t expexct that sort of language in Tesco. If you are not easily offended, click here.

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