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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IT recruiters upbeat about 2012 jobs outlook, says REC
I’m not sure how rooted this is in reality but apparently IT recruiters are looking forward to next year with their only concern being the lack of suitable candidates. It seems that, while the rest of the economy has caught pneumonia, there’s never been a better time for candidates to acquire skills that the market wants. Read the story, here.

A few things I am looking forward to in 2012
An interesting end-of-year prediction Gartner blog for the direction of IT in the year to come. I must confess that I can’t disagree with any of it in terms of where IT should be headed rather than where it will necessarily end up. See if you agree, here.

Microsoft releases emergency critical security patch
The software giant releases an interim patch to clear up recently discovered vulnerabilities. It just goes to show that the battle against the hackers is ongoing. Read the specifics, here.

Odd technology job interview questions revealed
A list of some fairly terrifying interview questions asked by techie recruiters. I’m willing to wager money on the fact that the candidate who rolled up for an interview with Amazon hadn’t prepared an answer to world hunger. Read the rest, here.

And finally…
Gaming gecko
A heartwarming story of man and his companion working together for a shared aim. The fact that the aim is to complete a game on a telephone shouldn’t detract from this seminal moment in inter-species cooperation. See the story, here.

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