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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM 5in5: IBM Reveals Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives within Five Years
IBM cast a techie glance into the future to predict the sort of changes that will happen in the short term future. It seems as though the headline story is that analytics might make unsolicited mail more relevant to you but at the cost of seeming more intrusive. That’s my take, judge for yourself, here..

UK’s top 10 2011 YouTube videos put dog above royals
Doom and gloom pervade the world of business but, as it’s Christmas, here’s something a little different. The BBC list the top 10 youtube videos of the year headed by a talking dog; yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right: a talking dog. Magnificent. Read the rest, here..

Yuletide Backbytes
A little bit of lightweight Christmas cobblers from Computing magazine. They gather together 5 frivolous stories to lighten everyone’s mood: from nerd dating to super-strength finger nails. Enjoy a couple of minutes respite, here..

Government lacks skills to deliver ICT strategy, says NAO
In the latest salvo, the NAO admit that the Government have an IT strategy but they just don’t have the skills to deliver it. Computer Weekly’s solution?: keep talking internally and externally to identify gaps and to plug them. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Judge for yourself, here..

And finally…
The Nativity like you’ve never seen before
Not being a young person, I should frown upon such attempts to tell the old story in an updated way. However, I am reliably informed that you can’t wack a bit of beatboxing Nativity so I will maintain a slightly baffled silence. Er, happy Christmas, here..

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