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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

CIOs reveal technologies making the most impact in 2011
Study finds that virtualisation and cloud technologies are most significant in CIOs driving down the cost of IT. The study gives a bit of a V-sign to mobile devices which are perceived to make much less of a contribution. Read the report, here.

Silent updating for Internet Explorer
Microsoft announce that updates for IE will happen ‘while you sleep’. This is important as it should keep users more secure as they clearly can’t be trusted to apply updates themselves. Read it, here.

Social Media Doesn’t Change Business Basics. But.
At the risk of sounding like a Gartner-groupie, here is another excellent Gartner blog about the use of ‘the social’ in business. It makes the valid point that adopting social methods is not going into the scary unknown, but using new technology to aid business. Sage advice and analysis, here.

FBI says hackers hit key services in three US cities
Worrying news story that hackers have turned some of their attention to breaking into utility facilities. The 2 revolutionary main conclusions of the story are: 1. have passwords of more than 3 characters; 2. if it’s not too much trouble, go wild and change your password once in a while. Duh! Be concerned while reading the blindingly obvious, here.

And finally…
Back in my day……..we didn’t have apps
We are never more divided by a common language than between age groups. This application is the boom-ting (I think) and will help those who speak English as a first language understand our younger brethren. Probably. Er…innit. Read more, here.

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