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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Big business steps up IT spending despite downturn
Deloitte fire another salvo in the war to ascertain as to whether enterprises’ IT departments are skint or not. The budgets are obviously focussed on providing cost-saving, agile solutions; so IT need to step up to the plate. Read about it, here.

The Social Revolution: The first thing we do, let’s remove all the CIOs.
Interesting Gartner blog about the difficulties of driving Social innovation within an IT context. The author argues that this needs to be driven from the top as there are many opportunities waiting and plenty of available and keen labour to achieve this. Read it, here.

Java is hackers’ most common target
It seems as though hackers have focussed their nefarious attention on Java. The solution? Nothing definitive but do make sure that all versions are up to date with the latest protection. Read the news story, here.

Coding wizards offered X Factor-style competition
Companies are outsourcing the solution to some of their more sticky problems to competitions. Geeks can fight it out to provide the best solution to a defined problem in exchange for some fairly substantial cash prizes. Read more, here.

And finally…
What is worse than a game of charades? Lionel Blair hosting an online game of charades
Cannot compute; cannot compute; cannot compute… Lionel Blair is back and will be miming stuff on Twitter. And you can win stuff you didn’t know you wanted. Find out more, here.

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