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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Government opens its procurement heart to IT suppliers
Government promises to do procurement better, more openly and collaboratively with suppliers. Words are cheap (especially when they are subjected to a competitive tendering process) so I wait with more hope than expectation for a positive result. Read the report, here.

Facebook users average 3.74 degrees of separation
Report finds that if you go through a ‘friend’ who goes through a ‘friend’ who goes through a ‘friend’ who goes through 0.74 of a ‘friend’ you will find anyone in the world. This grotesque simplification hides the fact that the world is getting smaller, driven by the interweb. Read the BBC report, here.

The top five spam subjects sullying inboxes
The Register report the 5 most common ways that spammers try to draw the attention of the great unwashed. Personally I am far too busy cultivating the Nigerian side of my business to worry about these. Find out what they are, here.

Companies are struggling to keep up with security management
Report finds that security updates/ upgrades etc coming through every five minutes makes it difficult for IT departments to keep up, potentially resulting in a dangerous hole in security. Call me an old cynic, but I am guessing that the company that commissioned the research probably have something to sell you that will stop this. Read the report, here.

And finally…
Best £5 you’ll ever spend? Not likely.
For a tenner an hour, online gamer promises to act as bodyguard for you in the virtual world. Should you feel that your online presence requires a backup you might conclude that seeking treatment for paranoia was a more appropriate action than hiring Geek-bo. Decide for yourself, here.

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