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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Wild, wild data
Our partner, CommVault, provide an excellent graphical respresentation of the results of a survey of CIOs regarding data management. I think the response can be summarised by the phrase “not happy”. See the picture and download the associated white paper, here.

IBM’s 2011 Tech Trends report
Ed Brill blog about the release of a report by IBM about trends in technology. It’s an interesting insight into the thoughts of IT-ers across the globe. Click here and then click on the link, there.

I’ll Take ‘Curing Malaria’ for $1,000, Alex
Some of the cash won by Watson, IBM’s supercomputer, is being used to help combat malaria. The project is using volunteer computers to find compounds that might stymie the development of the disease once the victim is infected. Read it, here.

Report reveals drop between peak and off-peak surfing
Generally interesting article marred by the blindingly obvious: when more people are online, it slows down. It also shows that we are an extremely data-hungry populace and we should still be wary of some of the truth-averse claims made by advertisers. Read it, here.

And finally…
iPhone emergency get US man into hot water
Inebriated man calls the emergency services when his mobile, sorry cellphone, goes kaput. While (contrary to the popular maxim) you could make this up, there’s no point as there are always idiots like this to step up to the plate. Click whilst raising eyebrows, here.

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