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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

There’s no such thing as a “safe” public cloud IaaS
Thought-provoking Gartner blog about security issues in the cloud. This is further grist to the mill for people to consider whether, when and how they should migrate to the cloud. Read it, here.

London Underground software failure raises concerns about driverless trains
As a technology company based in the capital, we often have cause to use the tube. Despite assurances that the public were safe during this outage, I think a great deal more public expressions of the virtues of driver-less trains are necessary. Read the story, here.

Beating the stealth threat in IT security
The Beeb ask a Sophos big cheese three techie questions. There are no great revelations but an interesting read, nonetheless. Read it, here.

US dismantles ‘massive’ cyber crime syndicate
The FBI are instrumental in breaking up a computer fraud that had infected 4 million machines. The £9m they defrauded begs the question: what could they achieve if they focused on something constructive? Read about some extreme naughtiness, here.

And finally…
No half-baked solution to weak WiFi signal
They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This scenario doesn’t fit the bill of ‘necessary’; he could have done something else like, for example, turn off the infernal machine and look at the view. Read it, here.

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