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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Computerworld: IBM opens up smartphone, tablet support for its workers
Ed Brill blog about IBM’s facilitation of their staff to use their mobile devices in anger at work. This is purely speculation but I would imagine that the security guys at IBM had kittens when such an innovative approach was first suggested. Read the blog and find the original article, here.

Massive PC shortages to hit this Xmas
When composing your begging letter to Santa, you might want to bear in mind that a PC might be beyond the bearded bringer of pressies. All this as a result of the devastation caused by the Thai floods. Read about it, here.

Would police use malware to catch cyber-criminals?
This is all we need: both sides in the cyber war launching strikes at each other. The official attitude seems to be ‘we might use it but we’re not going to tell you about it’. Read this interesting BBC account, here.

DWP awards another big IT contract to another big supplier
Francis Maude has been given a hard time after another corporation is awarded governmental business; he once opined: “We will end the oligopoly of big business supplying government IT by breaking down contracts into smaller, more flexible projects.” In fairness to Maude, we don’t know if the original scope was wider and there’s always a chance they might deliver. Roll your eyes, here.

And finally…
1980’s style tweeting looks cool but it’s time consuming
A baby step forward, a massive lurch back. This is Twitter for the generation that is still coming to terms with the compact disc (and possibly the discovery of fire…). Read it, here.

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