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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Cloud computing will become the government’s ‘common infrastructure’, says Francis Maude
Beware of government ministers carrying promises of cost cutting, particularly in the IT sphere. Apparently the G-Cloud will deliver savings and efficiencies; in fairness, it can’t go any worse than recent governmental IT project debacles. Read some IT crystal ball gazing, here.

Facebook sets up data centre in Lapland, Sweden
Facebook opens a data centre in Lapland to use the natural brass monkeys to cool their overworked hardware. The local mayor, unsurprisingly, is keen for others to follow this example. Read it, here.

CNNMoney: IBM CEO Palmisano to step down
Ed Brill blog reporting the appointment of a new boss at IBM. It also dwells upon the successes of the previous CEO. Interesting read, here.

Internet publishers liable for privacy invasion in each country material is accessible, ECJ rules
If you are going to put something on t’interweb that might annoy someone else, you should probably start saving up. And don’t expect to see much of the world outside a courtroom anytime soon as you can be pursued across any EU state that the offending data has been accessed. Read a rather lengthy but interesting article, here.

And finally…
GPS-enabled shoes to hit US market soon
A practical application of technology to help track Alzheimer sufferers. The downside is that could also be used to piece together what you got up to ‘the night before’; some things are best not known. Read it, here.

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