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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Economic worries cloud IT spending priorities
Another week brings another blind stab-in-the-dark about IT spending in the coming year. My prediction (please do call me to account later if I am wrong) is that budgets will DEFINITELY either go up, down or stay the same. Read the research, here.

A different definition of digitization is based on value and revenue not atoms and bits
Interesting, albeit a little scattergun, Gartner blog about the different ways that digitization (sic) can be approached in the future. The thrust appears to be that the new ways of working offer an opportunity to offer a more effective and responsive service to customers. See if you agree, here.

Allegedly defamatory comments from named authors should stay online, say MPs
In the modern world any Tom, Richard or Harriet can spout forth their words of wisdom (or bile) on that great virtual graffiti wall that is the interweb. A Parliamentary committee reckon that our defamation laws need to be adjusted so that third parties don’t get immediately hammered for the loose keystrokes of internet warriors. Read it, here.

Steve Jobs vowed to ‘destroy’ Android
We’re not going to hold the front page for this but it appears the Jobs didn’t like Android much. I wonder whether there’s an app for waging war against your competitors? Read the story, here.

And finally…
This story has everything: giant acronyms and a device that performs one of the less pleasant jobs when you have a dog in your household. Okay, it doesn’t have everything but the device has a robust price tag. Read it, here.

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