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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

One in three SMEs to use cloud in next 12 months
Interesting piece, using a small sample, suggesting that the desire of enterprises to use the cloud is increasing. In addition, many are going to splash out on tablets for their staff; doubly embracing the new IT landscape. Read more, here.

BlackBerry Failure: Less Impactful Than Two Years Ago
Interesting Gartner blog about the reduced impact of Blackberry’s seeming inability to organise a alcohol-fuelled event in a brewery. The authors thesis is that there are so many other mobile options that IT Managers don’t have to get out of their tree if one fails to function. Read it, here.

ISPs’ traffic management may breach data protection and privacy laws, EU watchdog says
Law firm’s opinion on the possible implications of ISPs’ habit of ‘managing’ data during busy periods. In English this means that some material could be preferentially delivered to users if the owners of the content are prepared to cough up to the ISP. Tut and shake your head at such underhand dealings, here.

Unix creator Dennis Ritchie dies aged 70
One of the pioneers of Unix (and C language) has died. His legacy will live on and there are plenty of people queuing up to praise him and his involvement in this collective achievement. Read more, here.

And finally…
Caught short? There’s an app for that!
If you have a smartphone and a need to use a toilet, voila, the 2 can be combined. This application also offers a khazi-appraisal element so you can assess the ambience of the facilities. Read more, here.

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