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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Researchers claim to have broken SSL/TLS encryption
As I type this, the world awaits demonstration of how security protocols can be cracked and, therefore, security naughtiness could ensue. However, if this proceeds to not work out, my decision to place this story top can be seriously called into question. I’m tense with anticipation but feel free to click onto the story, here.

Government should investigate the security of public data in the cloud, Lib Dems say
Interesting piece about concerns of data integrity if public details are maintained in the cloud. However, it’s not as though the current system is perfect unless you believe leaving a USB key with sensitive data on a train is acceptable. Read the Liberal assessment and critique, here.

MPs: Police IT is ‘not fit for purpose’
This story is a bit of ‘swings and roundabouts’ but, in essence, shows that the public are not getting good value for money for police IT provision. Perhaps it would save journalistic time to draft a list of government bodies that are capable of not haemorrhaging money and delivering something usable within a decade of agreed timescales. Read more, here.

Oracle looking for $1.16bn, not $2.2bn, in Java patent case
Light-hearted coverage of a spat between two giants of the IT landscape. The negotiations may have stalled but at least it looks as though Google won’t have to cough up as much as they thought. Read more, here.

And finally…
Do you hate your colleagues?
Ahhh, the perennial question of what gets on your wick about your colleagues. Personally, I exist in a zen-like state of calm; just keep the braying on the ‘phone down to a dull roar, ta. I cordially invite you to read the story, here, if you would like to; if it’s no trouble and you really want to….

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