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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Notes/Domino 8.5.3 launch dates set
The release of the new version of Notes/ Domino is imminent. There are hints on Ed Brill’s blog that there are to be some important announcements on 4th October. Read (and potentially contribute), here.

Gartner: Gmail is viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange for business
Gartner stick a techie oar into the ‘to cloud or not to cloud’ debate. Their assessment is that, while cloud uptake in enterprises is currently low, Gmail is a viable candidate. Read the report, here.

Microsoft unveils its new Windows 8 operating system
Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8 in 2012. This is designed to function on both traditional desk- and lap-tops and also tablets which, by a pure coincidence, Microsoft will start selling. Find out more, here.

£12m Royal Courts eWorking system has ‘virtually collapsed’
Another horror story of public body having unworkable IT systems. A spokesperson is quoted as saying that they believe the take up of a new system will rise; frankly, it can’t reduce that much. Read more, here.

And finally…
Dramatic Dr Who revelation: the TARDIS runs on Windows XP
In an appallingly slack lapse in security, government officials have published details of the inner workings of a vital element in the Earth’s defence. We can only hope that the wobbly-limbed nemeses of the Doctor don’t subscribe to tender digests. Be shocked, here.

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