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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Microsoft online services hit by major failure
Microsoft downtime reported in BBC article. It’s interesting (for me at least) to consider whether this is actually a problem for the cloud or whether any glitch will be reported from here to Timbuktu. Answers on a postcard, here.

Collaborative Cultures are 30 Years New.
Gartner blog pointing out that there’s nowt new in the world. Today’s buzzword (currently ‘collaboration’) will usually have a history and not just be plucked out the air in the 21st century. In short: the blindingly obvious, but an interesting article nonetheless. Read it, here.

IBM Pushes Social Business Adoption With Free Connections for Mobile
IBM are allowing free downloads of Lotus Connections mobile software to facilitate social business efforts. This is just one more element to tempt businesses to buy into the social business model. Read what’s on offer, here.

University challenge: using IT to improve services and reduce costs
Interesting opinion piece about the convergence of eye-watering new fees with tech-savvy students will need to result in a better performance from university IT. Add to that the other expectations such as devices and mobile working and the general headache – not least about security – becomes pneumatic. Read it, here.

And finally…
It’s true, on the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog
Sorry story of the possible consequences of the anonymity of t’interweb. Of course, these sorts of story where vulnerable or lonely people are fleeced by the unscrupulous are but the tip of a fraudulent iceberg. Read the story, here.

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