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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM produces first ‘brain chips’
IBM announces technology that apparently mimics the functioning of brain cells. And, unsurprisingly, the military have thrown money their way. Click here to decide whether this is ‘magic’, blatant reductionism or the brave new world.

Browser plug-ins still easy target thanks to poor updating
Reports finds potentially serious vulnerabilities exposed on PCs by plug-ins. Discipline, it would appear, needs to be developed to ensure PCs are up to date. Read the story, here.

Microsoft asks for feedback on Windows 8
Microsoft are developing a new operating system to replace Windows 7; the rather conservatively titled ‘Windows 8’. They are asking for feedback from users with regard to functionality and usability. Read the report, here.

On the 20th Anniversary of Linux, Creator Linus Torvalds Speaks
Interesting blog entry containing an interview with Linus Torvalds, father of Linux. There’s nothing to ‘hold the front pages’ but it pleasantly wastes a couple of minutes. Lose those 2 minutes, here.

And finally
Baldness calculator can tell if and when baldness will strike
Fantastic: once again technology has been harnessed to appeal to the vanity of men. Speaking from a personal position of extreme weakness in this field, I’m not sure that warnings of imminent slapheadery are a good idea. Decide for yourself, here.

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