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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Era of the PC ‘coming to a close’
News of the impending extinction of the PC has been greatly exaggerated but the IT terrain has changed. People are accessing information in all sorts of ways away from their desks. Read the BBC op-ed, here.

UK law is proving adaptable to tech-assisted crime, but is blocking social media going too far?
In the wake of the disorder in some English towns and cities this week, Computer Weekly muse about the impact on the law as it pertains to IT. The conclusion reached (sensibly) is that social media didn’t force people onto the streets to relieve a store of a telly or new hoodie, and last time I checked incitement was a crime anyway. Read the story, here.

Microsoft offers credit note for BPOS outage
Those customers using the precursor to Office 365 couldn’t access their online services last week. This resulted in Microsoft offering a 25% discount and presumably a fervent hope that lightning doesn’t strike twice. Read about it, here.

China Hit by Nearly 500K Trojans in 2010 With U.S. As Largest Culprit
In a bizarre reversal, the US is being blamed for attacking China rather than vice versa. I’m sure the Chinese are not squeaky clean but, as the story points out, everyone’s at it. Read more, here.

And finally…
I predict a riot of misjudged press releases
Blog about the restraint of marketeers jumping on the ‘riot bandwagon’. Having said that, in an era of mass disorder, you need to ensure the stability of your messaging environment so give Domain Technologies a call. Proceed in an orderly fashion to the story, here.

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