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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Axe The NHS Patient Care Scheme, MPs Demand
The Public Accounts Committee from the House of Commons are deeply unimpressed by the lack of success of the NHS IT upgrade. Unusually, it identifies the culprits, as they see it. Read an excellent overview, here.

Surrey County Council tech refresh has saved £70m says IT head 
Council illustrating how savings can be achieved by allowing technological development to drive organisational change. New ways of working including collaboration are facilitated by this consolidation exercise. Read the story, here.

Microsoft puts up $250,000 reward for new security ideas 
Microsoft launches a competition aimed at improving the security of their products. Seems like a pretty efficient use of resources rather than blundering through a cumbersome internal process. Read it, here.

Operating System Selection
Interesting blog entry about how to go about choosing your operating system. It’s a good summary of the sorts of considerations to be made for the decision: to open-source or not? Make your mind up, here.

And finally…
Microsoft’s ‘Data Furnace’ warms businesses to cloud computing
It’s an intuitively sensible idea: servers create unnecesary heat and some people get a bit chilly during the winter. Weave the two together and, kerching, you have solution (of sorts). Read the story, here.

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