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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IT giants ‘ripping off Whitehall’, say MPs
MPs find that governmental IT spending has reached the level of ‘obscenity’. The report on which the article is based repeats the mantra that we must get good value; it begs the question as to when effective action will replace the empty words of recent months. Read it, here.

Government trials e-marketplace for offering more contracts to SMEs
Following on from the above article, the Cabinet Office is piloting a tender system that allows smaller companies greater opportunity. It has much to live up to as the government has earmarked 25% as the minimum percentage of IT work that should go to SMEs. Read about it, here.

Why IBM Represents The Future Of Social Business
Blog about the way in which IBM uses social media and how they make it work. It discusses how IBM have embraced the technology and made profound cultural changes. Click here for further details.

Java skills now most in demand
Survey reports that Java is becoming evermore prevalent in the business arena. A shortage of talent means developers can command hefty packages. Read here.

And finally…
NHS touts virtual visits by Skype to cut costs
The word ‘unbelievable’ is grossly overused but I think it is entirely appropriate for this story. Saving money by depriving the vulnerable of direct contact with relatives seems harsh regardless of the financial mire. Judge for yourself, here.

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