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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

The Apollo Missions
With the last Space Shuttle safely back on terra firma, IBM take the opportunity to publicise their historic involvement with the American space effort. It is an interesting story. Read it, here.

MPs to launch malware inquiry
Politicians are going to look into whether the state should have a role in protecting us from malware. Presumably this will look like a public health campaign for our computers. Click here for the story.

DWP loses £800m in overpayments due to faulty IT systems
Article about the inadequacies in the DWP’s computer system resulting in overpayments to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds. If this story doesn’t appear in the Daily Mail, there’s no justice in the world. Be righteously indignant, here.

The UK phone hacking scandal
Interesting Radicati blog entry on the potential future direction of security for mobile ‘phone users. Set in the context of the less than savoury activities of some journalists. Read it, here.

And finally
Food cooking updates via Bluetooth
Enterprising programmers have solved that age old non-problem of ‘how to find out if something is cooked in the oven without looking at it’. If you have an Apple device, your meal can communicate with you during its cooking. Click here for the story.

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