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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Evidence destroyed? News International executive ‘deleted millions of emails’
Allegations have been made that emails were deleted; the assumption being that these messages were relevant to iffy behaviour. If only they had a robust email archiving solution… Read one of myriad reports, here.

Bob Sutor: IBM to donate Symphony code to Apache for consideration
IBM announce that they will offer the code to their Symphony suite to Apache Software Foundation, following Oracle’s lead with OpenOffice. It is intended that there will be reciprocal benefits as Symphony will improve due to community updates of OpenOffice and IBM will throw some resources toward the project, too. Read more, here.

Report criticises government approach to IT security
Report suggests we should be throwing more cash at online government security. Also, our top internet-savvy brains are being poached with fat salaries and benefits we can’t compete with. Read more, here.

Google unveils Google+ beta to aplomb
Herbert Spencer coined the term ‘survival of the fittest’ and it appears that social media is undergoing significant competition for resources (users). This Radicati blog entry suggests that Google+ might make the grade in this space. Find out more, here.

And finally…
YouTube blocks Lady Gaga channel
YouTube blocks a video from ubiquitous starlet. Whether this is good or bad (and whether it should be extended beyond this one performance) I’ll let you decide. Place your bets, here.

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