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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Microsoft launches Office in the cloud
Microsoft launched its Office 365 cloud offering this week. A Gartner analyst suggests that this is a gamble from the company: we’ll see… Read about it, here.

Cookie acceptances plummet when ICO requests permission, figures show
The instiution that has mandated the new cookie policy has been hoisted by its own petard. This is a good overview article about the effects of the policy. Confirm that irony isn’t dead, here.

Phishers switch focus to targeted attacks, warns Cisco
Online bandits are switching to a more personalised service to its potential victims. Criminality evolves like everything else, it would appear. Read about the focused and personally engaged face of theft, here.

Cloud: Proceed With Caution — Brokerages Can Help
Interesting Gartner blog about cloud migration. It’s a good overview based on 2 assumptions: the cloud is here to stay and that rapid adoption of it will continue. Read the full opinion, here.

And finally…
Pope integrates bigger religion to Catholic church
(One of) God’s representative on earth is getting with the new tech. The article updates the garden of Eden story for the wired generation (by the by, the story mentioned is in a book called the Bible which is available on a Kindle). Read about scriptural amendments, here.

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