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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Cabinet Office turns to agile SMEs to reform Whitehall IT development
Cabinet Office and DWP have decided that small is beautiful and big is bad; not quite, just that big systems integrators are not up to using the Agile project methodology. They are on the look out for SMEs with Agile experience. Read the story, here.

FBI targets cyber security scammers
Authorities in several countries have shut down scammers who have relieved people of millions of pounds. The scam was to saturate their screens with pop-ups foretelling the end of the world (slight overstatement, but it was frightening enough to make people act on it) and offer a solution to it. Read about the cessation of the activities of these friends of humanity.

EU companies have a year to standardise cookie opt outs, says EU Commissioner
The EU has given companies a year to sort out their cookie policy to be in line with new legislation. With a few exceptions, users will need to be asked before cookies are installed on their machine. Click here for more information and I promise to install absolutely no tracking gizmos on your machine.

84 per cent of UK firms suffered security breach last year
A report on a Report reports that a large proportion of UK businesses have had security issues in the last year. It lays out where these breaches might occur and suggests that enterprises might want to do something about it. Read more, here.

    And finally…

Lonely heart? There may soon be an app for that.
Report about a slightly unnerving development where you are carting around all sorts of personal information that any Tom, Richard or Harry could access. All this on your telephone – does anyone make calls on their ‘mobile devices’ anymore? Download these 1s and 0s, here.

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