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Liberate your servers

We are told that archiving duplicated data could free up valuable space on our file servers. But it tends to be a bit vague; and therefore not much help if trying to make a business case, particularly when considering archiving solutions. We have recently added Waterford Technologies to our partners, and they have some great tools to help analyse and diagnose your storage requirements.

The Storage Savings Estimator, is a free downloadable application which can be pointed at file servers and it will estimate how much storage space can be saved. It estimates the storage savings based if Waterford’s File Archiver solution is implemented. This solution uses ‘Smart Stubs’ which are 1K shortcuts to files which are deduplicated and moved to lower cost storage, but the Estimator will give you the information on the current status of your storage.

An additional benefit is the Storage Savings Estimator provides details of the types of files on your servers. This is particularly useful if you have a budding Cecil B DeMille or Jimi Hendrix who is using your servers as a receptacle for the last 30 years of cinema or rock. The Estimator can identify all sorts of file types including .mp3, mp4 and .mpeg; perfect for such an investigation.

This handy application is downloadable here and is ready and waiting to show you how much duplication and extraneous data you have on your file servers and, consequently, how much space can be saved by implementing an archiving solution, such as Waterford Technologies’ File Archiver.

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