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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM turns 100, reflecting on my 16%
Ed Brill’s blog on a hundred years of IBM. There’s an IBM-produced video there, if that floats your boat. See both, here.

IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: Gmail Security Tips to Follow in Wake of China Phishing Attack
Article and slide show of ways that GMail users can make their email more secure. Particularly important to heed this advice if you are a US top-brass or a Chinese dissident. Enjoy the show, here.

Juror Joanne Fraill faces trial for contacting defendant Jamie Sewart using Facebook
The judge must be kicking him- or her-self over not being specific enough in their direction to the jury. Next time, they will instruct the jury to not talk about the case to any outsider INCLUDING the defendants. Read the story and wonder at the state of our juries, here.

Ministry of Defence gives YouTube warning: Careless tweets cost lives
In terms of the blindingly obvious, it doesn’t get more obvious than this, you would hope. Apparently not if the MoD feel the need to make little adverts about it. Read the story and watch the video, here.

And finally…
Nurse’s outfit with that, Madam?
Ann Summers is using business information gathering to understand customer behaviour. Frankly, I think we don’t really need to speculate too much about what their customers are getting up to. Read the story, here.

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