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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM debuts supercomputing private cloud
IBM announces an innovation to help companies deal with large volumes of data in the cloud. It’s all about appropriately dealing with data in different ways for different industries. Read more, here.

The cookies monster: How to deal with the new cookies law
The law on the use of cookies has changed. It is being phased in over a period and this article offers some good advice for actions to be taken. Read more, here.

UK tech market worth £81bn
Article detailing the scale of IT spending in Europe and projections of moderate increases in the near future. One thing that is obvious is, despite recent budgetary restrictions, it’s better to be selling IT products and services in the UK than Iceland. Read more, here.

Who Will Be Next Victim in Breach and Hacks? Nintendo Joins List Including Google, RSA Security, PBS, Lockheed Martin, Sony
Good analysis on what seems to have been a rash of security breaches in recent months. Perhaps the most sage advice is to pose the question as to whether you actually need to have an external email with sensitive data therein. The answer’s ‘no’ but click here anyway.

And finally…
Hi-tech crime and sexual partner surveys ‘biased’
Apparently the great unwashed can’t be trusted to quantify how much they’ve been relieved of in cyber crime or how many partners they’ve been intimate with. I’m not sure that exaggeration is that bad; click a billion times here for the story.

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