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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Cloud Computing: Oracle to Dump OpenOffice.org on Apache
IBM lauds the announcement that Oracle has given OpenOffice to Apache Software Foundation’s Incubator for development. IBM have promised resources for this effort. Read about it, here.

Google blames China for hacking US officials’ email
Someone in China has relieved top military types of some secrets. They could probably tell us which secrets, but they’d have to kill us. Click here for Computing magazine’s take on this story.

Businesses using Google Apps must turn to modern browsers, warns Google
Google have served notice to Google Apps users that they need to keep on top of browser upgrades. With all the clever, new-fangled gizmos on offer, they require the latest technology. Find out more, here (whatever your browser).

Infected Android apps may have leaked 120,000 users’ details, researchers claim
Infected Android applications have been nicking users’ personal details. It appears that the known ‘nasties’ have been removed by Google. Find out more, here, without the risk of me stealing your inside leg measurement.

    And finally…

Joshua Kaufman’s Mac recovered with ‘Hidden’ app clues
Application on a stolen computer squealed about where it was being held captive. All the owner had to do to get the doughnut-enhanced behinds of the police into gear was blog about it. If you click here I (won’t) know where you are.

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