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Email 2.0: Integrating LinkedIn…

As social networking tools become more mainstream in the corporate workplace, the benefits of connecting & integrating your key productivity tools can be realised. An example of this are the LinkedIn tools for Outlook and Lotus Notes email clients.

These tools allow you to access LinkedIn data from within your email program, so you can see the latest updates from any of your connections who email you, email your connections directly using contact info on LinkedIn and send out connection invitations directly from your email client.

When we spend so much of the day in our email, these useful gadgets can really help to simplify access & interaction with other applications, such as LinkedIn.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Cabinet Office turns to agile SMEs to reform Whitehall IT development
Cabinet Office and DWP have decided that small is beautiful and big is bad; not quite, just that big systems integrators are not up to using the Agile project methodology. They are on the look out for SMEs with Agile experience. Read the story, here.

FBI targets cyber security scammers
Authorities in several countries have shut down scammers who have relieved people of millions of pounds. The scam was to saturate their screens with pop-ups foretelling the end of the world (slight overstatement, but it was frightening enough to make people act on it) and offer a solution to it. Read about the cessation of the activities of these friends of humanity.

EU companies have a year to standardise cookie opt outs, says EU Commissioner
The EU has given companies a year to sort out their cookie policy to be in line with new legislation. With a few exceptions, users will need to be asked before cookies are installed on their machine. Click here for more information and I promise to install absolutely no tracking gizmos on your machine.

84 per cent of UK firms suffered security breach last year
A report on a Report reports that a large proportion of UK businesses have had security issues in the last year. It lays out where these breaches might occur and suggests that enterprises might want to do something about it. Read more, here.

    And finally…

Lonely heart? There may soon be an app for that.
Report about a slightly unnerving development where you are carting around all sorts of personal information that any Tom, Richard or Harry could access. All this on your telephone – does anyone make calls on their ‘mobile devices’ anymore? Download these 1s and 0s, here.

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Liberate your servers

We are told that archiving duplicated data could free up valuable space on our file servers. But it tends to be a bit vague; and therefore not much help if trying to make a business case, particularly when considering archiving solutions. We have recently added Waterford Technologies to our partners, and they have some great tools to help analyse and diagnose your storage requirements.

The Storage Savings Estimator, is a free downloadable application which can be pointed at file servers and it will estimate how much storage space can be saved. It estimates the storage savings based if Waterford’s File Archiver solution is implemented. This solution uses ‘Smart Stubs’ which are 1K shortcuts to files which are deduplicated and moved to lower cost storage, but the Estimator will give you the information on the current status of your storage.

An additional benefit is the Storage Savings Estimator provides details of the types of files on your servers. This is particularly useful if you have a budding Cecil B DeMille or Jimi Hendrix who is using your servers as a receptacle for the last 30 years of cinema or rock. The Estimator can identify all sorts of file types including .mp3, mp4 and .mpeg; perfect for such an investigation.

This handy application is downloadable here and is ready and waiting to show you how much duplication and extraneous data you have on your file servers and, consequently, how much space can be saved by implementing an archiving solution, such as Waterford Technologies’ File Archiver.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM turns 100, reflecting on my 16%
Ed Brill’s blog on a hundred years of IBM. There’s an IBM-produced video there, if that floats your boat. See both, here.

IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews: Gmail Security Tips to Follow in Wake of China Phishing Attack
Article and slide show of ways that GMail users can make their email more secure. Particularly important to heed this advice if you are a US top-brass or a Chinese dissident. Enjoy the show, here.

Juror Joanne Fraill faces trial for contacting defendant Jamie Sewart using Facebook
The judge must be kicking him- or her-self over not being specific enough in their direction to the jury. Next time, they will instruct the jury to not talk about the case to any outsider INCLUDING the defendants. Read the story and wonder at the state of our juries, here.

Ministry of Defence gives YouTube warning: Careless tweets cost lives
In terms of the blindingly obvious, it doesn’t get more obvious than this, you would hope. Apparently not if the MoD feel the need to make little adverts about it. Read the story and watch the video, here.

And finally…
Nurse’s outfit with that, Madam?
Ann Summers is using business information gathering to understand customer behaviour. Frankly, I think we don’t really need to speculate too much about what their customers are getting up to. Read the story, here.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM debuts supercomputing private cloud
IBM announces an innovation to help companies deal with large volumes of data in the cloud. It’s all about appropriately dealing with data in different ways for different industries. Read more, here.

The cookies monster: How to deal with the new cookies law
The law on the use of cookies has changed. It is being phased in over a period and this article offers some good advice for actions to be taken. Read more, here.

UK tech market worth £81bn
Article detailing the scale of IT spending in Europe and projections of moderate increases in the near future. One thing that is obvious is, despite recent budgetary restrictions, it’s better to be selling IT products and services in the UK than Iceland. Read more, here.

Who Will Be Next Victim in Breach and Hacks? Nintendo Joins List Including Google, RSA Security, PBS, Lockheed Martin, Sony
Good analysis on what seems to have been a rash of security breaches in recent months. Perhaps the most sage advice is to pose the question as to whether you actually need to have an external email with sensitive data therein. The answer’s ‘no’ but click here anyway.

And finally…
Hi-tech crime and sexual partner surveys ‘biased’
Apparently the great unwashed can’t be trusted to quantify how much they’ve been relieved of in cyber crime or how many partners they’ve been intimate with. I’m not sure that exaggeration is that bad; click a billion times here for the story.

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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Cloud Computing: Oracle to Dump on Apache
IBM lauds the announcement that Oracle has given OpenOffice to Apache Software Foundation’s Incubator for development. IBM have promised resources for this effort. Read about it, here.

Google blames China for hacking US officials’ email
Someone in China has relieved top military types of some secrets. They could probably tell us which secrets, but they’d have to kill us. Click here for Computing magazine’s take on this story.

Businesses using Google Apps must turn to modern browsers, warns Google
Google have served notice to Google Apps users that they need to keep on top of browser upgrades. With all the clever, new-fangled gizmos on offer, they require the latest technology. Find out more, here (whatever your browser).

Infected Android apps may have leaked 120,000 users’ details, researchers claim
Infected Android applications have been nicking users’ personal details. It appears that the known ‘nasties’ have been removed by Google. Find out more, here, without the risk of me stealing your inside leg measurement.

    And finally…

Joshua Kaufman’s Mac recovered with ‘Hidden’ app clues
Application on a stolen computer squealed about where it was being held captive. All the owner had to do to get the doughnut-enhanced behinds of the police into gear was blog about it. If you click here I (won’t) know where you are.

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