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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Most enterprises prefer gut feeling to analytics, survey suggests
An Accenture study confirms what we have believed for a while: enterprises are highly resistant to using enterprise content management technology. This is particularly strange in the field of sales where customer intelligence is at a premium. Find out more, here.

Goodbye, Notes/Domino 7
Ed Brill sounds the last post for Notes/ Domino 7 as it passes out of support. I guess the clock is ticking for Notes 8… Read his blog.

Microsoft profits jump 31% on strong Office sales
Revenue has risen at Microsoft, driven by sales of their Office suite. This strong performance is despite less encouraging sales of Windows 7. Read about how a monster remains huge.

IT professionals are impulsive risk-takers, finds survey
Small survey finds that IT workers can drift towards being impetuous. In a shocking finding, it identifies 55 CW readers as being highly risk averse-averse. Dare you read the story, here?

    And finally…

Court slashes maintenance payments to ex-wife because of blog posts
Further evidence that blogging is merely a 21st century version of boasting. However, and this really does have to shouted from the rooftops, if there’s something that you don’t want the entire world and their domestic partner to know about, don’t put evidence of it online. Read about someone who couldn’t follow even this simple advice.

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