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IT News and Views – the (it’s nearly but not quite) Friday Collection

Researchers claim that Apple products track location details
Law firm’s blog about Apple’s ability to track users’ movements. Potentially useful information for jealous spouses and the forgetful. Read about it here.

Apple ‘not tracking’ iPhone users
Apple refute the above story, saying it’s all a big mistake. It’s a bug, apparently… Make your mind up, here.

Two-thirds of ICT workers like the idea of a four-day week
Report finds that people would prefer to work fewer hours in the week and are prepared to forego some salary to achieve this. Whether this would cash out in the same way if their employers chose to liberate them from the tyranny of the fifth day of a working week is another matter. Read the stats here.

Millions apply for Olympic tickets despite site crash
Online sales of tickets for the London 2012 Olympics suffer a glitch but it all works out in the end. IT provider didn’t factor in last-minute panic to secure tickets to the Games. Read story and wonder if ordering online could make it into the Olympics one day.

    And finally…

Scientologist overlord declares victory over Anonymous Alert: Fruitcake cultist dubs hacktivistas ‘cartoon characters’
Head of the Scientologists crows about the arrest of hackers for an attack on his organisation. I don’t want to wade into this one but isn’t this just going to annoy the hackers? Decide for yourself, here.

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