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IT News and Views – the (Good) Friday Collection

Need to Save Money on Productivity Software? Use Lotus Symphony for Free
Article about our business partner, IBM Lotus’, alternative to Microsoft Office suite. It has comparable functionality and can be used if you decide to float off into the cloud. Most importantly, however: it’s free. Read about it and watch a video, here.

Pragmatic Development
Article discussing the need to not dogmatically stick to one method of software delivery. An integrated approach secures benefits from the best bits of all the approaches and doesn’t stymie you if the main advocate gets hit by the proverbial bus. The advice that you should not put all your development eggs in one basket is particularly sage at Easter time. Read article here.

Office 365 beta ready for business
Microsoft announce the launch of the beta of their cloud offering. In an increasingly crowded marketplace, it will be interesting to see how this fares. Read a brief precis here.

Cloud computing is NOT a product, discuss
Blog from Computer Weekly’s Adrian Bridgwater about some of the outlandish claims made of the potential revenues from cloud-based offerings. A sensible antidote to some of the more optimistic claims that abound. Think of a number and double it, here.

    And finally…

UK is fifth free-est nation on the internet
Report finds that the UK lags behind only 4 countries in terms of internet freedom. Mercifully the UK is streets ahead of Iran and Saudi Arabia according to this scale. Read about Estonia being top of the tree, here.

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