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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM Survey Reveals that 21% of email users would happily consider applications to complement email

Study reveals that a fifth of those asked would welcome the uptake of social collaboration tools to enhance working practices. The promotion of these tools is a part of what IBM is doing at the moment. Read the blog from Lotus’ Ed Brill.

Firms criticise SharePoint’s usability
More than 50% of those questioned are dissatisfied with the high level of customisation required for SharePoint, Microsoft’s collaboration tool. This is especially significant as 87% of businesses have it deployed. Read the story.

Security and lock-in still holds back the cloud
Study finds businesses have serious reservations about floating up into the cloud. Interestingly, these concerns are shared by those who have made the leap and those who haven’t. Find something else to worry about here.

Flaws in NASA network put operations and personnel at risk, report reveals
Report reveals that there is some pretty ropey security at NASA. And you would imagine that a relatively minor issue would explode into something pretty catastrophic. If you are an astronaut I suggest you don’t click here.

    And finally…

PC refresh cycles given the axe. Literally
Be wary of disgruntled employees with elderly hardware and the hump. Unless you flog hardware, of course. Read about an aggressive recycling practice.

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