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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

IBM unveils new cloud strategy and services
IBM have announced its cloud offering: SmartCloud. It will be rolled out in 2 parts: Enterprise is ready to go now and the imaginatively entitled Enterprise+ will come onstream later this year. Read about it here.

It’s Not Funny When Security Becomes a Joke
Mystifyingly there is now a TV sitcom about penetration testing. This blog argues the case that the plethora of recent security breaches are not taken as seriously as they should. Read the grumble here.

5 Ways You Waste Money on Virtualization
CIO Magazine article about the missed opportunity when virtualising. Several missed opportunities, as it happens. Don’t miss the advice here.

Classic Commodore 64 lives again
When you get to a certain age, you start becoming a bit misty eyed about this sort of story. You will be relieved that it has been upgraded just a little from the original. Confirm that nostalgia isn’t like it was in your day here.

    And finally…

Georgian granny disconnects Armenian internet: Beware copper-scavenging septuagenarians
Sage advice to be on the look out for copper- hungry Georgian pensioners. This sort of story is all too common… Read about it here.

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