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Improper data management is a whisky business

Computer Weekly article, Chivas Brothers use CommVault data deduplication to maximise disc back-up, reports that Chivas Brothers had a major issue with data volumes and, consequently, backups were taking a long time. Storage had reached 90 Tbytes, which was spread across applications including an Oracle-based ERP system and MS Exchange. Clearly: Houston we have a problem.

Chivas surveyed the market and decided to implement the Simpana solution from Domain Technologies’ partner, CommVault. The results, documented in this case study, were impressive.

It was identified that backing up 90Tbytes of data to tape was an arduous and time consuming task so a disc-based solution was the obvious replacement. However, backing up duplicate data onto a disc is a waste of time and expense. This was where the CommVault deduplication stepped up to the plate. And the results were impressive.

Across their network there were reductions of up to 90% of data backed up: this as a result of the deduplication achieved by the CommVault solution. Given this significant reduction, Chivas Brothers now retain 3 months of data on disc. This means that restores now take minutes; a stark contrast to the situation before this where tape-restores could take up to 48 hours.

Nowhere is the CommVault advantage illustrated better than in the messaging arena. Simpana not only takes the strain off mail servers through deduplication, but the granularity of mail restoration means that recovery can happen at the level of Exchange, mailbox; even individual emails!

The replacement of several legacy data management solutions with the one, Simpana, has resulted in reduction in the need for administration. Chivas estimate that this has reduced the admin overhead by 70%: one dedicated person dealing with this rather than several.

Les Gilfillan, Chivas’ network manager, is clearly impressed. He is quoted: CommVault’s deduplication has exceeded our expectations. The savings are remarkable – we didn’t expect it to be this good!”

Chivas provides a good illustration of the benefits that enterprises can achieve from a proper data management strategy with deduplication of data at its core. Leaving the company to concentrate on its core business. Chin chin!

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