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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

UK IT Strategy Sets the Pace for All European Governments, But Can They Deliver?
This is a Gartner blog about the UK government’s new IT strategy. This focuses upon recycling, using shorter project cycles with smaller providers and using ‘free’ stuff (open source). It ends by pondering whether other EU countries will follow suit. Join the pondering.

SMB IT spending seeing significant growth
A survey of 3000 companies conducted by Spiceworks reports that spending and recruitment is up in the IT realm. The focus of these new staff, and their counterparts, is on virtualisation and migration to the cloud. Find out more.

IBM says inefficient IT hardware wastes a third of all a business’s electricity
An IBM white paper highlights the energy efficiency of IT equipment across an organisation. Smarter usage can help to reduce this, conferring benefits on both private and public sector organisations; possibly making a contribution to the public sector ‘squeeze’. Go to story.

Cyber criminals charge users to return stolen data
Criminals are using encryption to extort money out of people. This is how it works: an iffy website installs malware which encrypts all the data on your hard disk and you are informed that you have to pay 78 quid to see all your files again. Read about how technology is being used to further the human condition.

    And finally…

Need a Facebook girlfriend? There’s an app for that too
Pay for someone to pose as your long lost girlfriend. A vital service for those too lazy to set up their own fake account. See more proof that technology is impeding evolution.

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