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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

RSA issues security tips to SecureID customers after data breach
This is an article that is about RSA’s SecureID but the lessons apply beyond that. It boils down to three main things: education; monitoring; enforcement. Read about the specifics.

When are you planning the move to the cloud?
This Microsoft-sponsored poll currently shows more than half the surveyed are not planning to migrate to the cloud. The actual percentage has been hovering around the 70% mark. Look at the current scores on the doors.

Ex-Sun man hails Java renaissance under Ellison
Java’s roadmap has become clearer with Oracle and IBM collaboration. Java SE 7 is due to be finished by this July, with Java SE 8 following on sometime in late 2012. Read about it.

CIOs must cash in on supplier innovation
Businesses can benefit from the innovation of their suppliers. Survey finds that this is neither exploited nor measured. Read the results.

    And finally

DWP ditches Fujitsu and reappoints HP
It’s really simple at the Department for Work and Pensions. DWP appoints HP. DWP ditches HP. DWP appoints Fujitsu. DWP ditches Fujitsu. DWP reappoints HP. Read about supplier musical chairs.

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