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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Experimenting on Themselves: How IBM fosters internal experiments with social software.
IBM have been at the forefront of using cutting edge technology as part of your day job. This article discusses the use of social software for both proper work such as sending attachment as well as the softer side, like encouraging cohesion in teams that are geographically separated. Go to story.

Business loses money through complex IT systems
IT Departments may be overcomplicating things and causing unnecessary expense to the business. This article focuses upon the challenges present when installing a new IT system and when incorporating systems when enterprises merge or are acquired. Go to story.

IE9 will have low take-up in enterprises, says Ovum analyst
Despite loud blasts on celebratory trumpets on its release, it appears that Microsoft’s IE9 will not be extensively adopted by enterprises according to a report by an analyst. Find out why.

Japanese Earthquake – How to Give Without Being Taken
For every disaster, there are an industrious band of scammers eager to relieve donors of their hard-earned. Not content with this, other friends of humanity want to trick you into downloading some nasties onto you computer. Be warned, here

    And finally

Hacker Movie: Zombies Ahead
Hackers in the US make some fairly substantial changes to electronic roadsigns. This is a modern twist to the Orson Welles hoax in the 1930s. Read about the un-undead.

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