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IT News and Views – the Friday Collection

Here is this week’s selection from around the web.

Government in the market for more open source software
The government have signalled a desire to use more open source software. Critics point out that in the past governments have done little to champion open source and tended to favour contracts with large proprietary software vendors. Go to story.

IBM and London South Bank University use BI to track performance
South Bank University is using IBM’s business intelligence system to understand how students use its services and to refine how it delivers its learning facilities. It will also monitor attendance in the virtual classroom and also in-the-flesh-attendance to identify students who may be struggling and falling behind. Go to story.

Lufthansa and Deutsche Telecom offer in-flight broadband
Lufthansa are the first airline to offer onboard broadband. This leads to a difficult question: will it mean that irritating fellow passengers will become more annoying or will it shut them up? Go to story

ISPs must advertise average broadband speeds, not ‘up to’ speeds, says Ofcom
Ofcom have found that ISPs being a tad economic with the truth regarding speeds. That will, I suspect, come as a great shock to anyone who has ever compared the claims of ISPs to the waiting time for pages to be served up.
Go to story.

And finally:
Dumb and dumber
Proof (were it ever needed) that there is no correlation between technological development and basic common sense. Depress yourself here

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