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What is the need for email archiving?

The Osterman Report offers 7 reasons to consider adopting an email archiving solution. They are:
1. legal obligations to preserve data; for example, in an HR dispute;

2. regulatory obligations; being able to access information in a timely fashion if demanded by information authorities;

3. reducing email storage problems; taking email off the mail servers to reduce the load;

4. ability to archive other forms of data; for example, the content of instant messaging conversations;

5. freeing I.T. from email recovery; end users can recover their own messages, allowing I.T. to concentrate on core activities;

6. business intelligence; exploit information held in emails that was previously sitting idle;

7. disaster recovery; an archive can help when disaster strikes to a messaging environment.

If any (or all) of the above apply, it is worth considering how to deal with this. An archiving solution might be an effective and cost- effective solution.

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