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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to our new blog. I thought I would start off by giving you a flavour of what we are planning to discuss in the coming weeks and months. As part of a constantly changing industry we have to pay close attention to trends and new ideas, and through listening to customers we can see the challenges they are facing. It is this evolution and new perspectives we intend to explore here, sharing our own thoughts and experiences along the way.

For example, a subject very close to our heart, is bespoke development, but is it becoming relic of the past? Rumours of the demise of most things are usually premature, but is there a place for this sort of development in a world where, apparently, you can take a box off the shelf and that’s the job done? How much compromise are business users prepared to put up with in terms of reduced functionality when this is traded again reduced cost? And does the perception of reduced cost hold any water? Is there another, better way and what role does the cloud play in the future of business systems?

What is email now? We all know that business couldn’t function without it but what does that mean? In a time when budgets come under extreme pressure, is email just a commodity: to be managed at the lowest cost? Should companies migrate to Exchange 2010, Notes 8.5, float off into the cloud with Google Mail or something else? How does the email strategy fit with more general IT strategy? Should we abandon our terrestrial services and locate everything is the cloud? Is this desirable and, more pertinently, possible?

How are organisations going deal with the vast amount of data sitting on their servers? Over the last 10-15 years data has grown exponentially as applications have become an intrinsic part of working practices. Until now, adding storage capacity has usually been the sticking plaster, but this is now becoming a critical problem as backups put under strain, legal and compliance issues become a greater concern, and let just hope nobody ever asks to find anything! Is there a smart way of managing this data where you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to find that illusive piece of information?

We hope you will come back and be part of the debate by leaving comments.

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